Travel Report: the skills you need to find in your data scientist today

Welcome to our 1st travel report of 2019. After visiting industry conferences, the NRF NYC and STEP Dubai, we came back with some interesting insights about the retail industry.Event 2

Today we want to share what we learned about data science. More specifically, how data science makes business leaders more effective, enabling them to see an ROI within days or weeks. Building a qualified data science team is essential to achieve that. Do they have what it takes? According to what we heard in Dubai and New York, recruiters need to look for the following skills in a data scientist (in order of importance):  

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 Why are the listed skills important for a data scientist?

Communication skills

A data scientist needs to be able to explain complex, advanced and unstructured issues to a non-technical audience. Especially in smaller businesses, a data scientist has to communicate in a way the team can understand and work with the results and conclusions drawn from data science.

Business acumen

A data scientist has to understand your product and your market. An employee who understands how the industry is moving will lead you to better and effective business decisions.

Flair for visual presentations

Presentations will not disappear in professional life soon. A data scientist who can motivate the approach and results visually is one step closer to convince the team or clients.

Statistical process

A good data scientist is an expert in statistics. Knowledge that is necessary to study, interpret and manipulate data.

Agility and quick learning

In the case of budget or market constraints, retailers should focus on sourcing tech skills and statistical understanding. The rest can be taught on the job.



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March 27, 2019
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