How Schoenen Torfs could get the most out of sales period by being data-informed

Find out how to get more revenue by being data-informed through the results of an experiment that we recently concluded with Schoenen Torfs.


Do you think about emailing your database during Easter with a special campaign or discount? Well, so does your competition. As you might know, most retail companies are following the calendar-driven marketing approach, whereby the same newsletter is sent out to the complete database. Of course, you will say that you already use segmentation on your audience. But if you're honest, how relevant is your messaging to these segments? Does it go beyond ‘males, ‘females’ and ‘single dads with teenagers’?

When you want to decrease the unsubscribe rate, increase click-through rate and maximize your marketing impact, you might reconsider your email marketing strategies and tactics. and Schoenen Torfs (a Belgian shoe retailer) did the test and found out that you can increase your revenue & engagement by getting the right content to the right customer: it’s a matter of finding the right audience, creating relevant content and knowing when people want to hear from you.



  • Email marketing strategies and tactics: leaving traditional marketing calendars behind
  • Send the right content to the right person: how to select the right content
  • Experiment with the shoe retailer Schoenen Torfs: check the results and conclusion


Email marketing strategies and tactics: treat your customer like a personal shopper

You might think it takes a complex strategy and segmentation to send out relevant, personalized emails when the use of the correct data insights is all it takes. Compare it to the following; when you frequently go to the same shop, the shop assistant will become familiar with your taste and preferred brands.

After a while, the shop will also know whether you shop mostly during sale periods or only at the beginning of the season because you need new clothes. That kind of information is also extractable from transaction data. Retailers can use those insights to adapt their email marketing strategies and tactics. Wouldn’t it be great to send out only the e-mails that your customers like to read? With’s cloud application that becomes possible.



  • Through data you will get to know their taste and purchased brands
  • Data insights can tell you when your clients prefer to shop
  • Through machine learning algorithms you can predict the affinity to other products/ brands they’ll like
Send the right content to the right person

 Take again the example we used above in mind. When you know that particular customers always buy at the beginning of the new season, it’s not necessary to send them a reduction code to convince them. You want to give such coupons only to clients who are price sensitive and intend to buy with a reduction. 


At, we built a cloud application that makes those data-informed tactical decisions easy. That means you convince the right customers by sending valuable content. For the experiment we did with Torfs we emailed only relevant brands to customers, letting our tactical technology decide upon the selection. Take a look at the used method, the outcome and find out how you can target your ideal customer today.


How could Torfs get to 72K more revenue in one month, using data insights to send emails out?

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April 10, 2019
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