Get to know which clients will be first to buy your new products.

People who buy new products first - early adopters - have specific characteristics. They buy early because they want to be seen to be new, to be able to show their peers that they are up-to-date with the latest trends or to explore the possibilities of a newly- launched product.

Adopters_1The innovators among your customers were buying chunky sneakers before everybody else was walking around with them. They show off new products on Instagram and are happy – indeed are trying – to look and be different.

So, have you already got some of these trendsetters hooked on your store? Then you can quickly and easily turn them into brand ambassadors, even when they don’t have a large number of followers. Early adopters influence their peers and are the ones that write reviews about specific products - they NEED to be the first to know about your new collection or products. So, the question is, how do you find your customers that want to buy new products first?

Identify the early adopters.

Identifying early adopters is really quite simple. You can measure the time between when a product comes into the assortment and when specific customers purchase it.

Adopter2Those clients that buy the product during the following week are the early adopters of that product. When you identify that they buy most of their products within that time frame, you can conclude that they are the early adopters of your store. Using that information, you can generate a list for smart targeting and use it for your marketing.

So, you have your list: what’s next?

  • Send them invitations to new collection launches

  • Involve them in early users’ trials

  • Target them on social media when a new product is launching

  • Target them effectively with specific content through email marketing

  • Send them targeted product recommendations

With Selma, you can easily identify your customers – including your early adopters.

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