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 Digitization is underway in all sectors of the economy. For most companies and especially retailers, this means more process automation, robot proliferation, increased communication, and even greater collaboration and interconnection between all actors, systems and tools in the value chain. We bumped into one company, that caught our attention in the way they have successfully introduced cutting-edge technology to their way of working: PUMA. 



As a crucial link in the supply chain, warehouses are experiencing this digital evolution as well and they need to evolve to become more agile, intelligent and connected.  

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The world’s most successful brands (and companies) have taken the lead in this digitalization and among them, Puma was the first to build an intelligent warehouse.  

Whilst everybody was talking about it, Puma did it: an intelligent picking robot that can independently store and retrieve small boxes in shelf racks. TORU handles individual boxes and can transport a backpack full of them directly to a handover station! 




Equipped with smart camera technology, the robot is able to detect, pick up and transport individual objects, unlike existing robots that can only move pallets or entire boxes. 

When TORU receives the order to pick a certain pair of shoes, it first obtains the location in the warehouse and a bar code. 

Using three-dimensional camera images, the robot first produces an image of the current situation:  

  • Does the shelf contains a shoe box?  
  • Is the appropriate bar code present?  
  • Am I able to grab the box?  

The idea behind PUMA’s world first intelligent warehouse is to set up a sophisticated system composed of automation, robotics, vision and autonomous movement! 



Puma’s intelligent warehouse has already proven its worth on various important indicators within the company. It not only results in better margins, a happier workforce and higher client satisfaction, but it affects Puma’s growth and its revenue performance. 

Elevating your company’s growth and mastering its revenue performance is where comes in. 

For those who jump on our blog for the first time, let me introduce myself. 

I’m Selma, a cloud application built for you, business leaders, to elevate your revenue performance and marketing impact. Long story short, I help retail CFOsCMOs and their teams to enhance operations and bring the benefits of actionable intelligence to their companies. 

There is no one size fits all approach, retailers have many options to explore using Selma. 

I could enumerate different variables but who cares? You probably care more on how to adapt Selma’s technology to your particular business and don’t deserve a generic answer. 

Let’s have a conversation about it and I will prove to you how our technology will revolutionize the impact – and value – of your company. 



  • Fast, Secure, Realtime insights reducing your dependency on manual analytics to almost zero  
  • Predictability of business KPIs and automated dashboarding  
  • Reduced man power on manual analytics ensures cost reduction  
  • Empowers you to negotiate better margins with your suppliers and provide them the right inputs  
  • Self-generated reporting dashboards on RFM, product sensitivity and value-based insights  
  • Machine Learning creates reliable outlook and improvises revenue & churn prediction  
  • From understanding consumer behaviors and journeys to predicting them.  
  • Respond to the new consumers' demand  


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February 21, 2019
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